Evening Information

Racine Founders Rotary hosts Post Prom as an eloquent, safe way to celebrate the accomplishments of Racine’s graduating high school seniors. To ensure ensure everyone is safe for the duration of the event, we ask that attendees adhere to the following rules. These rules are strictly enforced, and participants will be escorted out if necessary.

  • No sexually provocative dancing.
  • No gang colors, clothing, signs, symbols, handshakes, language or other audible signs of gang membership or affiliation.
  • No baseball caps or hats can be worn other than top hats.
  • No flashing or throwing money or objects considered to be outward signs of gang affiliation.
  • No smoking allowed inside in the Hall or on the grounds by City of Racine ordinance. This includes e-cigarettes.
  • Absolutely no alcohol or drug use before, during, or after the event. If alcohol or drugs are suspected, you will be removed.
  • Enjoy Post Prom!

Safety is the primary consideration. Animal-drawn vehicles and animal riders are not permitted. Riding in trunks or trailers is not permitted. Riding on top of vehicles of any kind is not permitted. Violators will be ticketed immediately. Only street-legal vehicles and lawful riding, and define by statute, is permitted. Possession or use of intoxicants is illegal and violators will be subject to the law. Pro-goers will be directed to park in Civic Center Parking Ramp, 501 Lake Ave. Parents and spectators must use downtown parking as available. Drivers who are taking over the vehicle for prom-goers may meet them at the circular drive in front of Festival Hall.

In addition, RUSD has specific policies for attendees from their schools. These can also be found on the RUSD website HERE starting on page 31.

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