The R.E.A.L. School

2023 Post Prom Information

Event Details

Saturday, May 20th at Racine County Fairgrounds

What to Expect

LiveTV red carpet! Bleachers with screaming fans! Games, music, karaoke, food, amazing decorations, and more!


Tickets are available online until May 5th.

Please obtain the password from your school.

Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

Your ticket is a wristband that is coded with your student information. Present your Student ID at your school Prom or Post Prom gathering place. That night, your prom advisor or Rotarian will apply it. The wristband must be worn. For your safety, all bags will be searched, and prom-goers screened before they enter Rotary Post Prom. Your arrival and departure time will be scanned into our system. All Post Prom-goers must be checked in and out.


You should arrive at your school at the designated by given by your school. Safety is the primary consideration. Animal-drawn vehicles and animal riders are not permitted. Riding in trunks or trailers is not permitted. Riding on top of vehicles of any kind is not permitted. Violators will be ticketed immediately. Only street-legal vehicles and lawful riding, as defined by statute, are permitted. The motorcade will enter RCFG via the back entrance off Hwy 45. If you have an adult planning to drive your motorcade vehicle home once you arrive, they should enter off Hwy 11 and meet you at the motorcade circle next to the bleachers. Prom goers can “drop a car” at the RCFG on Saturday, May 21th between 9am – 4pm. Enter off Hwy 45 and park in sections 20 and up only!

Spectator Bleacher Seats

Tickets available soon!

Parents & spectators are welcome to watch this year’s Rotary Post Prom Parade in person from the bleachers with a purchased ticket only. We apologize but NO complimentary standing seats are available. Visitors must enter off of Hwy 11 and park in that northern designated section of the parking lot only.

Event Rules

You must be a senior of a participating school or their +1 to be able to attend. All attendees must be under 21 years old. You must be eligible under your school’s policy to attend. Alcohol or use of Intoxicants is illegal, and violators will be subject to the law. No sexually provocative dancing. No gang colors, clothing, signs, symbols, handshakes, language, or other audible signs of gang membership or affiliation. No baseball caps or hats can be worn other than top hats. No flashing or throwing of money or objects considered to be outward signs of gang affiliation. No smoking on the grounds. This includes e-cigarettes. If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, and have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, please refrain from attending for the safety of your fellow seniors and their guests.

Each school has the right to monitor and determine attendance eligibility.


Please remember this is park terrain – mostly paved but some areas are damaged or uneven. We recommend appropriate footwear. Coat check, medical staff & seamstress will be onsite.

Spectators Watching from Home

Rotary Post Prom will be broadcast live by WCGV, My24 TV, and will stream live online at You can watch the live coverage on either platform from 6pm – 9pm

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